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My thoughts on the recent - en vogue - dash bot shaming

Yeah yeah yeah... we've heard it all... the dash bots are OP, NERF!!!, screw Pixonic...yada yada yada...

First of all, yes, I do have dash-bots, 3 of them. 1 Bulgasari and 2 Haechi's. And yes, I put some money into the game to get them through the black market. Not too much really. I was extremly lucky to get them.

I believe it needs to be differed between the bots and their abilities and the way they are made available to the players.

Are the bots overpowered? Yes, slightly. After I got the first dash-bot, I loaded it with 3 Orkans (best setup in my opinion) and maxed them out instantly. As all youtubers were not tired to mentioned to "hold on to your silver and gold" until the new bots come out... they kept saying the same thing even before the quick draw bots came out...and guess what, they were made available with f**king influence points - yet another currency. Alright, back on topic... the first week I used it, my average damage increased to 750'000. After …

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